In Vietnam, “Phở” is a traditional food that you can find everywhere across the country. This is a noodle soup with either chicken or beef and depends on each regions that the ingredients maybe different. In my city, which is the Southern of Vietnam, we normally add lots of fresh herbs, lime juice and especially bean sprouts to make the soup tastes sweeter while in the North, people prefer to be served with green onion and the broth seems to be clearer in term of the colour of the soup. We eat “phở” anytime we like and doesn’t matter whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is actually a healthy diet as there are lots of herbs and the noodle itself is made from rice flour.

The picture below is “phở” in Northern style (on the left) and a Southern style on the other side.

Interestingly, I have found one place in Brighton where many of Vietnamese dishes are served include this one. It is called “Pho”, yes they named the restaurant after the dish, and situated right next to the Jamie Oliver’s restaurant and its address is 12 Black Lion Street  Brighton, UK BN1 1ND. The food here is prepared by chefs that are not from Vietnam but they are quite good as some spices have been removed to meet the taste of English people. Maybe you should come here  and i may see you there 😉

Halloween party!


Bellerbys threw a party to celebrate Halloween on the 30th of October 2012. I was amazed that everyone dressed uniquely but for the first hours the it was not really what I had expected. It was not that fun yet that everyone just taking photos with friends but not any activities or games. It was approxiamtely 9p.m when a DJ came in and he played some really good songs that everyone just couldn’t resist but joined the crowd in the center of the atrium. We all had lots of fun and the discos didn’t finish until 10.30 p.m. We also raised about 100 pounds for the charity group of Building Futures. Here are some photos from the party and guess which one I was? 🙂

School trip to London


On the 13th of December 2012, all the students from Law foundation course combined with members of Law Diploma were organized a trip to London to visit the Supreme Court and the Central Criminal Court in England and Wales, the prestigious Old Bailey. Departing at approximately 8:30a.m, we finally reached London after 2 hours. We firstly arrived at the Supreme Court where we were divided into 3 small groups to attend hearing cases. My group, which is mainly members from Group A Law Foundation, heard a cases between the Scottish Tobacco company against the local authorities for for issue of abuse of power by the Scottish government. To be honest, I found it really boring and sleep that all of us just wanted to leave the place ASAP.

Leaving the boring Supreme Court, we headed to our next destination with excitement as we were going to hear criminal cases. This time, we heard a case about robbery and the suspect was under 18 that we were not allowed to see him. We then had lunch before going home. Everyone was really happy as we all got a chance to see how the Courts works and we all enjoyed every moments. We had lots of fun except some complaints about Ms.McCraken’ music that everyone felt annoyed that Mr. Knight admitted “This is ****”